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Made from the finest ingredients available and always bursting with different flavors, Chipsim has been giving people something to smile about since 2014. Additional bonus with this goodie is it’s everywhere, wherever you are!
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Each one of our İmpuls chips is made with potatoes, oil, salt and good vibes! You can always trust that you’re getting an exceptional snack because we use only the freshest, all-natural ingredients to create wonderful potato chips you can feel good about eating. Oh and all the fun starts, when Impuls is there!
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For those looking for more sophisticated flavors! Bağdan chips with its amazing crunches is all you need to brighten up your day. We are proud to be producing high-quality, delicious chips for you and your family to enjoy today and every day.
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When you get a serving of Kartofresh french fries, you know you’re getting the best tasting, natural fries made with real potatoes by real people. The best part of our job is making people happy. Knowing that people are enjoying what we have grown makes it all worth it.
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